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11 Easy DIY Open Shelving Projects For Any Room

By Alice / January 16, 2020

1. Floating Corner Shelves

Great idea to make shelves in a corner. They are looking really classy and practical!

Instructions – abeautifulmess.com

2. Copper Peg Shelves

Make these easy lightweight shelves with copper pegs. Copper detailing can make anything look really stylish.

Instructions – vintagerevivals.com

3. Industrial Shelves

Very modern looking made from industrial pipes and wood shelves.

Instructions – gloriouslymade.com

4. Rustic Bathroom Shelves

These rustic look shelves can add much needed storage to any bathroom.

Instructions – craftsmandrive.com

5. Shelves with Belt Straps

Shelves created with wooden boards from the hardware store and Forever 21 belts!

Instructions – athomeinlove.com

6. Laundry room open shelving

Make open shelving in laundry room which can actually be way more functional than cabinets.

Instructions – myfabulesslife.com

7. Pantry open shelving

These look Amazing.. so clean and organized.

Instructions – christinasadventures.com

8. Rope Shelves

Use rope to make this simple but effective shelving system.

Instructions – designsponge.com

9. Honeycomb Shelves

Make your living room look gorgeous with these authentic honeycomb shelves.

Instructions – abeautifulmess.typepad.com

10. Modern Pegboard Shelving System

I adore this specific shelving system because it is really simple, but pretty, and can be configured in numerous ways.

Instructions – apartmenttherapy.com

11. Platter Shelves

You can repurpose old trim parts to make this unique platter shelves.

Instructions – cleverlyinspired.com

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