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11 Easy DIY Open Shelving Projects For Any Room

By Alice / January 16, 2020

1. Floating Corner Shelves

Great idea to make shelves in a corner. They are looking really classy and practical!

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2. Copper Peg Shelves

Make these easy lightweight shelves with copper pegs. Copper detailing can make anything look really stylish.

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3. Industrial Shelves

Very modern looking made from industrial pipes and wood shelves.

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4. Rustic Bathroom Shelves

These rustic look shelves can add much needed storage to any bathroom.

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5. Shelves with Belt Straps

Shelves created with wooden boards from the hardware store and Forever 21 belts!

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6. Laundry room open shelving

Make open shelving in laundry room which can actually be way more functional than cabinets.

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7. Pantry open shelving

These look Amazing.. so clean and organized.

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8. Rope Shelves

Use rope to make this simple but effective shelving system.

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9. Honeycomb Shelves

Make your living room look gorgeous with these authentic honeycomb shelves.

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10. Modern Pegboard Shelving System

I adore this specific shelving system because it is really simple, but pretty, and can be configured in numerous ways.

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11. Platter Shelves

You can repurpose old trim parts to make this unique platter shelves.

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10 Interesting DIY Ideas How To Repurpose Your Old Furniture

By Alice / January 16, 2020

Door turned into a Corner Door Shelf

Use an old door and transform it into a unique and handy corner shelf unit in your room.


2. transform drawers into planters

Got an old dresser sitting in the basement, shed or garage? use a dresser as a planter.


3. Bed Turned Into Bench

If you have some old bed frames lying around collecting dust you can easily transform it into beautiful bench!


4. Vintage Chair Drink Stand

So adorable! I would like to serve drinks like that at my next party!


5. Door Couch

Another great idea to use old doors. Looks like a very cozy place to sit!


6. Kitchen chairs repurposed into a bench

Three chairs turned into a single bench. The bright blue gives the bench a fantastic pop of color.


7. Use the old drawers as under-the-bed storage

You need only attach casters to the bottoms.


8. Upcycle old dresser drawer into an eco-friendly pet bed

This lovely pet bed is a great way to incorporate your pets life into your home decor!


9. Play Kitchen From A TV Unit

This is totally amazing! Make one for your daughter out of your entertainment center.


10. Shelf for your jewelry

Reuse drawer for cool and perfect jeweler organizer


10 Easy Organizing and Storage Solutions For Your Tiny Kitchen

By Alice / January 16, 2020

 Knife Storage

Great idea for safely store some random knives. It’s really help the moms for protecting their kids from the sharp knife.

Instructions –

2. Magnetic, under-shelf spice rack

Make a magnetic holder for the spices which attaches underneath your cabinet.

Instructions –

3. Pegboard Wall Organizer

You can hang a pegboard, add a couple of hooks and keep everything completely organized. You can also paint pegboard for your favorite color to match your walls. Buy pegboard at:

Instructions –

4. Hanging Metal Storage Bins

Metal storage bins are very cheap and they make perfect organization solutions. You can use them in your pantry to hold snacks or put these on the kitchen wall for utensils and other items.

Instructions –

5. Pot Lid Organizer

Use adhesive hooks to organize your pot lids on the inside of your cabinet door.

Instructions –

6. Shower Caddy Produce Rack

Store fresh fruits and veggies using shower caddy that are anchored to the cabinet.

Instructions –

7. Chalkcloth Drawer Organizer

A fully fuctional organized cabinet or drawer! You can make this in the bathroom too for your beauty accessories.

Instructions –

8. Cutting Board Rack On A Door

This rack makes finding and keeping cutting boards so easy. What more You can make it for less than $10!

Instructions –

9. Magnetic knife rack

Another great way to keep your kitchen knifes organized and in style! It can help maximizing vertical storage space and giving quick access to kitchen tools.

Instructions –

10. Kitchen Wraps Organizer

Make an organizer for your kitchen wraps: aluminum foil, plastic wrap. All you need in this project is an empty cereal box, paper and Mod Podge!

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10 Free & Easy DIY Plastic Bag Storage Ideas

By Alice / January 16, 2020

Use a tissue box to store & dispense plastic bags

via SpaceWise Organizing

 2   Make a plastic bag holder from a 2 liter pop bottle

via Border Hoarder

 3   Or use a bigger bottle

via Pinterest

 4   Repurpose an empty wet wipes container as a plastic bag holder

via Tatertots and Jello

 5   Use a large coffee can to create storage for your plastic bags

via Pinterest

 6   Store small plastic bags in an empty paper towel tube

via Home Hacks

 7   Turn an old Pringles can into a bag dispenser

via My Unentitled Life

 8   Use a soda can box to organize bags

via ThriftyFun

 9   Use fabric scraps to sew a plastic grocery bag organizer

via Samelia’s Mum

 10   Make a plastic bag holder from a tote bag

via DIY Crush

12 Creative DIY Garden Tool Storage Ideas

By Alice / January 16, 2020

Pallet Tool Rack

Pallet Tool Rack

from Our Little Acre

 2   Peg-Rail Organizer

Peg-Rail Organizer

from Martha Stewart

 3   Shovel Rack

Shovel Rack

from The Family Handyman

 4   Garden Mailbox Toolshed

Garden Mailbox Toolshed

from Hometalk

 5   Long Tool Organizer Cart

Long Tool Organizer Cart

from Instructables

 6   Garden Bucket Tool Belt

Garden Bucket Tool Belt

from Hearth & Vine

 7   Cedar Planter Box with Hidden Hose Storage

Cedar Planter Box with Hidden Hose Storage

from The Kim Six Fix

 8   Old Rake Top Tool Organizer

Old Rake Top Tool Organizer

from Anderson + Grant

 9   PVC Storage Rack

PVC Storage Rack

from Ashbee Design

 10   Old Shoe Rack Turned Gardening and Tool Stand

Old Shoe Rack Turned Gardening and Tool Stand

from The Creek Line House

 11   Bucket Storage Rack

Bucket Storage Rack

from AZ DIY Guy

 12   Reuse an Old Shoe Organizer to Store Small Gardening Tools & Accessories

Reuse an Old Shoe Organizer to Store Small Gardening Tools

from The Coupon Project